Oslo, Norway

The beautiful capital of Norway, Oslo, is an exciting and cultural destination with much to offer travelers hoping to experience a unique Norwegian excursion. Situated in the scenic Oslofjord, Oslo has combined centuries old architecture, with a vibrant and modern cultural atmosphere. The streets are always abuzz with locals simply enjoying themselves. Together with vibrant parks is woven into the urban fabric, you have the perfect Nordic mix, which is present all year round; Whether you’re skiing in the winter, boating in the summer, or attending one of the festivals Oslo hosts year round, – you will appreciate Oslo as one of the greatest cities in the world.


For such a small city, there is so much to do and explore in Oslo. From its beautiful waterfront district full of shopping, outdoor cafes, and modern sculptures, to its Norse historic feel in the old-fashioned “Museumsbydelen.” Here you have a quaint neiborhood of well kept old houses, cobbled roads, and you will get a taste of how people lived hundreds away ago. Centrally located, relatively affordable, and comforting to navigate, it is one of the best cities in the world to explore. Take leisurely strolls around Akershus Castle, the Oslo Opera House, Frogner Park, and the Vigeland Museum, some of Oslo’s unmissable attractions, don’t fail to miss out on a trip up a “Holmenkollen” ski jump, for panoramic vistas of the entire city below.

Food lovers will be more than satiated when it comes to dinning out here in Oslo. Offering a range of high-quality Nordic and traditional restaurants set around stylishly renovated waterfront areas. Furthermore, the locals are super friendly to tourists, with a wit and humour than ensures moments here are always remembered.

Looking for something creative? Norwegian creativity abounds within Kampen. Floating in the dilapidated old 19th century harbor, Kampen hosts some of the city’s premier nightlife, as well some of the countries’ best venture into underground art, completely colouring every inch private parties regulars host.

Summing up, few cities can claim such natural beauty being entwined so gracefully with their cultural heritage. Oslo will quintesentially be the Nordic destination that you will remember for years to come, being a memorable part of passions colliding with breathtaking views together with unforgetable experiences.